yesterday was a very busy day. running around wrapping up things for clients, sending our holiday cards, buying a few last minute gifts, sending gifts and believe it or not, sitting down with my assistant to do some blog strategy and social media work.

believe it or not the blog has a big following in spain and the web site aller retour has asked to do an interview with me. I’m thrilled because i’ve never been to spain and i have been having this love affair with it for the last few years so much so i buy the magazine hola on a weekly basis, i can’t read spanish, but i love all the pictures of the beautiful people and places.

one of the questions in the interview is about my favorite vacation spot, of course one of my answers is spain, but i haven’t been there.-now it’s cemented i have to go!

i had always planned to feature jamie parladé’s ancesteral estate, alcuzcuz, recently photographed by ricardo labougle for the world of interiors, in today’s my favorite homes post- so gorgeous! there is something about this home that feels like a place i’d want to spend the holidays. can’t you just see a roaring fire, a huge christmas tree, candles flickering and reflecting all the beautiful blues and greens? the perfect holiday home!

when i started researching alcuzcuz and jamie, an interior designer in his early 80’s who also has a fabulous antique store, i realized he was an andalusian aristocrat and that this home i loved so much was in spain- for some reason at first glance i thought the home was in england.

built in 1866 it sits high above the mediterranean and has been featured previously in the world of interiors back in 1988. if you have the october 2012 issue of the world of interiors you must read more about this gorgeous home and world renowned designer.

what i thought was going to be a story about the perfect holiday home quickly turned into another chapter on my love affair with spain. someone is trying to tell me something and it’s very clear all things lead to spain!


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