i don’t know about you but finding and buying the perfect gifts for friends, family and loved ones is not easy. there are so many filters- you want to make sure it’s thoughtful, unique, unexpected, useful and most important a surprise! if you are like me you want it to be the best gift they have ever received- there is so much pressure!

after i go through all these filters, most times i still can’t come up with the perfect gift, so then i simply ask myself what would i want to get?! somehow, this helps take the pressure off and gets you closer to that best gift goal. so i was thinking since i’m doing a post on gifts why not feature my gift wish list?!

isn’t there a saying, “never give a gift you wouldn’t want to get?” so here’s my gift list! surprisingly each gift is pretty universal- gifts for everybody! gifts for him, for her, even better, gifts for you!

click and buy- gifts for everyone!







a Goyard Trunk– Monogrammed of course!



Ladurée Chocolates








Anything for RTH– My favorite store in LA







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