When i think of christmas of course i think of red, and when i think of red i immediately think of nancy reagan. everyone needs a signature look or a signature color. by now you all know what mine is- Nancy’s is red!

who can forget that time? no matter your political persuasion you cannot deny nancy reagan’s elegance, sophistication and class. the james galanos beads, the adolfo knit suits, the oscar de la renta and bill blass gowns- all chic, all red!

every look featured on todays post, whether then or now, with president reagan or with political dignitaries or celebrities, nancy looks perfect and always in red! i love timeless style and as you can see nancy’s style looks as good today as it did then.

A fellow blogger, amanda cutter brooks, just last week featured nancy reagan’s signature style (see post here) on her fabulous blog i love your style– one of my favorites! every so often we bloggers end up blogging about the same subject and have the same plan. Nancy has been a part of my christmas plan for the last few months. it especially happens when both blogs are about chic people with great style and it’s christmas time- it’s all about red!

nancy reagan’s style is more than just elegant, refined and timeless it’s ladylike, which is something we need more of today. nancy reagan- lady in red. merry christmas!

this is for michael. after almost a year and a half here’s a post on your favorite just a bit after christmas.

Nancy Reagan- Lady in red

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  1. She was always the most elegant First Lady! That last image Mark, oh my!

    Wishing you all the best in 2013!

    Art by Karena

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