a few weeks ago i did a part 2 post on grace coddington’s new book grace. the book is fabulous- a must read! i particularly love the images in the post from grace’s 70th birthday party at NYC hot spot Indochine! after doing the post i remembered i had a book on Indochine called appropriately Indochine- Stories, Shaken and Stirred!

the book celebrating the 25th anniversary of Indochine has been so much fun to read again. all the same people from grace’s book and my post a few weeks ago are all over this book. i’ve been to Indochine many, many times, and yes i have had so many great times, but oh how fun it would have been with Calvin Klein, Bruce Weber, Linda Evangelista, Carolina Herrera, Kelly Klein, Steven Meisel and of course, grace Coddington, sitting in the booth next to me!

Indochine is and always has been the place to see and be seen, it’s where uptown moguls rub elbows with east village club kids, celebrities with downtown hipsters, and fashion designers with artists and gallery owners, and personally i love the iconic palm leaf wallpaper! it’s chic!

Reinaldo herrera says it best, “Indochine has always been a sort of parade of people since it opened. it’s a very ‘up’ place and it’s never been sort of a very young place, or a very old place or a middle-aged place. it’s a big mix. at the bar, and you could possibly be standing next to a beautiful young model, or a distinguished marron, or a bum from the street who’s having a beer. it’s a very eclectic group”.

for many reasons this seems like the perfect sunday book club post as we celebrate the coming new year. doesn’t indochine sound like the perfect place to spend new years eve? also, as we enter in 2013 i’m hoping and somewhat optimistic that we are becoming a country and community where everyone is welcomed and everyone has a seat at the table!

i’m feeling a change in the air- aren’t you? it’s time! i know it’s early, but happy indochine eve!


Grace Coddington at her 50th Birthday Party- 1991

Bruce Weber, Nan Bush & Liz Tilberis- 1996

Calvin Klein- 1989

Liz Tilberis, Didier Malige & Anna Wintour-1991

Gref Maltby’s Chopstick Collection from 1995-1998

Billy Joel & Christie Brinkley-1989

Christy Turlington- 2004

Valentino, Anne McNally & Coco Brandolini- 2004

Carine Roitfeld- 2003

Carolina Herrera- 1999

Kate Moss- 1995

Josie Borain & Kelly Klein- 1996

Linda Evangelista- 1991

Andre Leon Talley & Elizabeth Saltzman- 1991

Happy Indochine Eve!


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