MORE IN 2013

I’m not asking for much in 2013, i’m keeping it simple and easy, i’m just wanting more of my favorite things…..

more stripes, more chocolate chip cookies, more céline, more blue and white, more navy, more sleep, more navy cardigans, more books, more blue shirts, more pools, more navy blazers please!

more chambray, more yoga, more boxwoods, more french fries, more denim, more birkenstocks, more art, more denim jackets, more blogging, more hermès.

more camel, more pillows, more chinos, more hugs, more new balance 993’s, more trenches, more magazines, more ivory, and more ivory sweaters.

more black, more chinoiserie, more cycle house, more black leather, more goyard, more black turtlenecks, more myrtle topiaries, more kisses please!

more white, more naps, more fabrics, more white jeans, more reading, more converse all stars, more white tees, more baskets, and more geri g!

more grey, more travel, more grey sweaters, more poetry, more grey tees, more cartier, more grey sweatshirts, more peonies, more grey sweatpants pretty please!

more military jackets, more writing, more ray-bans, more camouflage, more movies, more military shirts, more starbucks iced green tea, more cargos, and lots more decorating!

more family, no more abuse, more patience, more kindness, no more war, more friends, more peace, no more hunger, more joy, more love, and no more guns please!

more michael, more lily- all i really need in 2013 is more of all my favorite things!

More Stripes

More Trenches

More Chambray

More Navy

More Cartier and More Céline

More Navy Cardigans

More Denim Jackets

More Denim

More All-Stars

More Camel

More Chinos

More Navy Blazers

More New Balances

More Blue Shirts

More Birkenstocks

More Black Leather

More Black

More White

More White Jeans

More Hermès

More White Tees

More White Shirts

More Ivory Sweaters

More Ivory

More Grey

More Grey Sweaters

More Military Jackets

More Grey Tees

More Espadrilles

More Ray-Bans

More Camouflage

More Military Shirts

More Goyard

More Cargos





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  1. Great collection of photos. Can you imagine if everyone was as stylish as these folks? I think the world would be a nicer place!

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