Céline Curls

a few weeks ago i did a post on a bob, the haircut that is! the perfect cut for fall. if you took my advice your bob would now be a few inches longer. how to update this length for spring? with curls!

when i did the bob post i featured model daria werbowy. she, along with a few other ladies, solidified that the bob was back and that it was chic! i love daria for many reason, one of them being she is phoebe philo’s model of choice for céline– and you know i love all things céline!

i’m going to digress for a minute. new years day i watched the talented mr. ripley for the hundredth time. i commented to michael how much i loved marge sheerwood, gwyneth paltrow’s character, hair- especially the curls. for some reason the length, the curls, even the headbands looked so fresh and relevant, perfect for spring.

now back to céline curls. yesterday i was thumbing through my new vanity fair– spring advertising has arrived! and there it was daria in the new spring 2013 céline advertising campaign with a little longer bob and curls. call all this coincidence- i call it beautiful!

céline curls, a friday favorite- a chic way to start the new year!


Céline Curls- Beautiful!


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