I’ve been in northern California all week doing an installation, it’s unbelievable how gorgeous it turned out, however, i am tired! i’ve been so busy and so disconnected- i haven’t had much time to pin, post pics on my new tumblr page, read facebook or get caught up on the 2013 women’s pre-fall and men’s fall collections, haven’t even read who got nominated for the oscars.

my best friend this week has been my new balance 993 tennis shoes. i’ve been wearing the same tennis shoes for the last 15 years, in the same color and size. actually i have about 5 pairs sitting in a basket by my back door.

on my feet all day long, running up and down and all around, there is no way i could have made it through the week without my new balance 993’s. more than a friday favorite, they are a dear friend- especially this week!

if you didn’t know, now you can customize your own 993’s– pick your vamp, your lining, your tip, your side guard and your sole! pretty cool!

new balance 993’s, perfect for running around and supporting me through the best installation of my design work ever- that’s what best friends are for!

New Balance 993’s- Running Around!




















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  1. Thanks so much for the New Balance tip. This is the only tennis shoe my husband will wear as he has very wide feet ans new Balance is the most comfortable for him. I did not know they could be customized. The perfect gift vor Valentines Day! Nothing says love like stYlish custom feet!!

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