for those of you that follow my blog on a regular basis, then you know i love timeless, all-american style with a unique twist- white jeans, striped tees and military jackets; elegant men and beautiful women that embody effortless style; or interiors that successfully mix traditional elements like hand-painted wallpapers, tufted banquettes and swing arm lamps with the unexpected, like ikats or animal print.

Whereas my blog is more of a curated daily record, a never ending story of “chic people, glamorous places and stylish things”, my new tumblr page is simply a collection of pretty images inspiring me in this moment, right now! i hope they do the same for you!

here’s a preview of the new mark d. sikes tumblr page that i launched a few months ago- i firmly believe the world can be a better place with a few more pretty images!


S & H


Hanneli and Valentino


Spring Fun

Ogawa- Etude de Fleurs, Japan 1893

Punta Cana

Navy Bruce

Oscar Stripes

Oscar and Annette

Tile Time

Easy and Pretty

Time to Dine

Jump for Joy

Dive In

Exotic Vignette

Blue Steve

de Kooning

Willem de Kooning

Green Cover


Spring Cleaning

2013 Kickoff

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