I HAD TO- Miranda Brooks- Part 2

i know, i know, everyone has blogged about landscape designer Miranda Brooks chic Brooklyn brownstone that was just featured recently in vogue. it’s so good, i had to too!

Miranda and her architect husband, Bastien Halard, and their two daughters, Poppy and Violet Grey, moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn motivated by a growing family and the need for space. Halard actually found the place on craigslist and soon as Miranda saw the carriage house she had to have it!

Halard did the renovation and Miranda the gardens. not a surprise the house is as chic and as beautiful as the both of them, and their sweet daughters and all their pets makes it even better! read more here.

miranda is a favorite, i like to talk about her a lot, therefore, i couldn’t resist talking about her chic brooklyn home even if everyone else has talked about it too! i’m sorry, but i had to!

all photographs by Francois Halard for vogue.

Bastien and Miranda in their master bedroom

The living room

The Master bedroom with custom de Gournay wallpaper

The other side of the master bedroom with a sofa designed by Halar

The master bath that doubles as a library and a sitting room

the master bathroom

Poppy and a pony

Poppy’s bedroom

The playroom

Violette Grey’s bedroom

Miranda’s gardens

Brooks and Halard’s office in the carriage house

Poppy relaxing in the gardens

The rooftop bulkhead doubles as a greenhouse

Poppy and Violet Grey visit the rooftop rabbit hutch

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