i very rarely toot my own horn, however, this time i can’t help myself. a few weeks ago i did a post on one of my favorite things- denim on denim! literally a week later the new February issue of vogue came out and there it was model amber valletta in denim on denim. all i can say is- i told you!

there is nothing more all-american than denim, and i believe there is nothing more chic than denim on denim. if you don’t believe me you have to believe vogue. i also like the western twist in the vogue editorial photographed by the great peter lindbergh– check out the vogue behind the picture video here.

that’s not all i told you. my 2012 international it list that i posted a few days before denim on denim included this months cover girl actress rooney mara, as well as, model jessika hart, art director sofía sanchez, model dree hemingway, and “it couple” boutique owner laure hériard dubreuil and artist aaron young, all of which were profiled and identified as “it” in the same issue of vogue.

the only thing better would have been to have all these it Lister’s in denim head to toe! denim on denim, vogue said it- i told you! enjoy!

denim on denim, Vogue said it- i told you!


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