for the last few years i’ve had a little folder on my desktop that say’s my favorite rooms. the other day i thought why not create a series on the same subject. keep in mind, these rooms aren’t necessarily design revolutions or historic marvels, and they’re mostly from the last few decades, but they are beautiful and they look comfortable- simply, they are my favorites!

as i was editing the list (you know i love a list) i realized i really do like neutral rooms that are layered with lot’s of texture- there is something inviting, warm and timeless about these spaces. and of course i’ve really never seen a blue room i didn’t love. what you’ll also notice is i’ve never really seen a jeffrey bilhuber or michael s. smith i didn’t love! i hope you love them all too!

enjoy the My Favorite Room count down! hopefully they will be your favorites too!

100- Angelo Donghia

99- Francois Catroux

98- jeffrey Bilhuber


97- Richard shapiro

96- Aires Mateus and Associates

95- Jasper Conran

94- Lorenzo Castillo

93- Michael S. Smith

92- Carolina Herrera Jr.

91- India Hicks and David Flint-Wood

90- Thomas O’Brein

89- Steven Gambrel

88- Markham Roberts

87- Bruce Budd

86- Stephen Sills

85- Veere Grenney

84- Jeffrey Bilhuber

83- Peter Dunham

82- Steven Gambrel

81- Michael Deperno

79- Aerin Lauder and Daniel Romualdez

78- Bobby McAlpine

77- alexandra and Michael Misczynski

76- Michael S. Smith

75- Jeffrey Bilhuber


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  1. Oh thank you for this dreamy trip through these fabulous rooms!!! What about the room with the sand floor…..heaven. Wonderful that contrmPorary can be so traditional and comforTable. Thank you again.

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