last week michael and i were driving through beverly hills. there is a particular house i’ve always loved, it’s all brick and all white, and i’m almost certain it is a paul williams house. we drive by the house often never really seeing any activity, however, this time the garage door opened and there were three cars- a luxury sedan, i think a Mercedes, a luxury sports car, i think an Aston Martin and an S.U.V. a vintage Jeep Wagoneer– the first true luxury S.U.V., what i like to call a Woody- what i call chic!

i got my new “special collector’s edition” vanity fair yesterday and this timeless classic is featured as a cult favorite- for me it’s a friday favorite! no worries, if you want one, you can get one- it seems there’s a high rate of Internet trading for refurbished models. visit to learn a little more history on the woody.

everything in LA is so new, and to be honest taste and real style is sometimes obsolete, however, it was so refreshing to see great architecture with the most beautiful accessory- a vintage jeep Woody!

old is always better- old is always more chic! even in LA.


Claiborne Swanson Frank

Tommy Hilfiger

The Jeep Wagoneer- what i call a Woody, what i call chic!






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