i’ve been posting so much about fashion because of all the award shows and so many lists because of the new year, i thought it would be refreshing to have a palette cleanser, a little editing and some simplifying. i can’t think of a better way to do than than with a collection of interior vignettes by one of my favorite interior designers, Darryl Carter, all from his new book the collected home– a sunday book club essential!

Darryl’s work is brilliant and i think for me the beauty of it is how he curates a collection of objects in a room. everything feels like a masterpiece, however, there is a warmth to it all. his spaces feel like places you can live in, relax in, breath in- the spaces feel therapeutic if that makes any sense. the palettes, the beauty, the artful arranging soothes and calms- you sense that every object has a story!

this new book is simply about the process of creating a home, collecting a home- telling a story. darryl says it best, “as i see it, the home should be a collected assemblage of treasures meaningful to the homeowner. i believe it is better to have an empty room than an instant room. forgo the immediate, and embrace the lasting. this is the guiding principal for collecting a home.”

your home is the story of your life, therefore, you need to feel, collaborate, plan, enhance, design, connect, collect, curate and evolve to create a collected home- everything should have a story! enjoy the story of creating a home of rooms with style, grace, and history- the story of a collected home.


















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