i’m going to keep this short and sweet and let all the pictures speak for themselves. there are so many options, however, the best option is always a white shirt-anytime, all the time and every time!

don’t take my word for it- take grace, charlotte, robert, audrey, lauren, katharine, anna, jfk, jackie, john jr., and carolyn’s. take prince charles, william, harry, jane, james, aerin, gary, cate, carolina, jeremy, marilyn, and the lsd’s- take a look at all my favorites in a classic!

a white shirt- clean and crisp, easy and simple, forever a timeless classic.

Lauren Hutton

James Franco

Robert Redford

Lauren Santo Domingo

Katharine Hepburn

Bruce Pask

Jackie and JFK

Anna Dello Russo


Aerin Lauder

Emily Weiss

Prince Harry, Prince Charles and Prince William

Princess Grace

Nina Garcia and friend

Cate Blanchett

Charlie Siem

Grace Kelly

Charlotte Casiraghi

Marilyn Monroe

Carolina Irving

Phoebe Philo

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

John Jr.

Audrey Hepburn

Gary Cooper

Giovanna Battaglia

Carolina Herrera

Jeremy Irons

Katharine Hepburn

John Jr.

Jane Birkin


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  1. a forever favorite. always!
    don’t know what it is about seeing a Classic White buttOn DOwn – but always makes me happy!
    just. plain. sexy.

  2. There is nothing sexier on a man or woman than a white button-down…preppy, french, and corporate all at the same time. Nice Piece.


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