i very rarely repost a post, however, for many reasons, especially today, this particular sunday book club post and story is a favorite. i don’t know how many new readers have had a chance to browse the expansive Mark D. Sikes archives, therefore, why not share one of my favorites again!

first thing i did this morning was go and find the book legendary decorators of the twentieth century in my library. a book of watercolored rooms by the great american interior decorator mark hampton. the plan this morning was to share another book for sunday book club, however, the spirit moved, hence a change of plans.

i have studied and appreciated these water colors for years. what a beautiful art form! i guess this is another reason mark hampton is a legend. please take in the detail, the elegance, and the importance of these very special images. or maybe this post will be just for me, something special i needed again.

everyday i am a diligent student of beauty and art- i love to study! mark hampton’s work, his art, his watercolors and this book  inspire me again- especially today, A perfect subject and topic for sunday book club. enjoy!

albert hadley


jean- michel frank


marian hall


elsie cobb wilson


ruby ross wood


geoffrey bennison


renzo mongiardino


michael taylor


syrie maugham


rose cumming


billy baldwin


william pahlman


stephane boudin


madeleine castaing


dorothy draper


frances elkins


sister parish


john fowler


george stacey


mark hampton paints




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  1. -It surely was a great loss to the design community and his family that he died so young. his work continues to inspire all of us- i know he would be proud of that!
    It really is one of my favorite book treasures. Thanks for reminding us of his talent.

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