with so much talk about women’s fashion and fall 2013 fashion shows lately, i’m thinking it’s time to talk about men’s style and about what to wear for spring. that brings me to the stylish bruce pask– the all-american guy!

if you dont know bruce, he is the men’s fashion director of the new york times  t magazine (did you get your new issue today? fantastic!), better yet he loves all my favorite things- stripes, navy blazers, jeans, denim jackets and shirts, white shirts, trenches, military jackets, chinos, and lots of navy and grey!

bruce and i look nothing alike, but our closets do. i don’t mean to flatter myself, but we have a very similar look- i define it as all-american style! to be honest, it’s not all about what bruce wears, but how he wears it- blazers and jackets over his shoulders, top buttons of shirts buttoned, ties loosely tied, collars up, relaxed pocket squares, cuffs rolled, lots of layers and lots of style- timeless, easy, effortless, elegant, and all-american!

guys take my advice, actually girls you should too, ignore the trends, stick to basics, make no mistakes, stock up on all these essentials. spring , summer, winter or fall- look good in all of my favorite things! don’t take my word for it, take bruces’- the all-american guy!




Navy Blazer




White Shirt









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