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The Desmond Guinnesses


The Cy Twombly’s


The Baron and Baroness de Rothschild


The Serreulles


The Carter Burden’s

“THE ORIGINAL” - 5 Comments

  1. Mark,

    Once again the most beautiful photo’s. I so am happy to hear that chintz is coming back! yet, i didn’t know it ever went away! (wink). maureen


  2. Wonderful, sumptuous …… them all!


  3. my fave too! It’s Especially wonderful because these re real houses where real people live the lives they want and know how to live.
    What a great combo Horst lawford and vreeland


  4. P.s.
    Of course this book was done long before ‘styling’ became over cooked! These days everyone and everything is ‘styled’ by someone else……that’s whY so many houses and people on red carpets don’t look ‘happy in their own skin’……it’s not their own skin!


  5. THank you for sharing these remarkable and iconic images, Mark. they’re national treasures to those who, like myself, search high and low for the best in interior design and decoration in vintage books and magazines. what a thrill to discover different views and perspectives of rooms i have never seen before – -particularly those of the rothchild’s. I must have this book, too!


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