i’m in palm springs this week and my packing list was easy- 5 pairs of white jeans, a couple navy polos, navy tees, a few navy shirts, a cashmere navy crew, and a navy cardigan. and of course my ray-bans, my birks, sunscreen, and navy trunks.

it doesn’t matter where i go and when i go, white jeans seem to be the best traveling companion. i know it’s 80 degrees here, but white jeans are my all year round fashion staple. don’t take my word for it, take these pictures.

white jeans are chic in the sun or the snow- if i were in ny or paris i’d be wearing them with a navy peacoat, a grey cashmere blazer, a camel hair topcoat, a military jacket, or an ivory chunky sweater. white jeans are chic whether it’s 80 degrees or 20 degrees- they are chic all year long!

you don’t have to be in palm springs to be wearing white jeans- you can be wearing them anywhere right now! white now! enjoy!

photographs from vogue.com, style.com, the sartorialist and pinterest.

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  1. Palm springs sounds wonderful! I live in the Cincinnati-metro area and it’s cold and snowy here, so I can’t imagine packing shorts and swim trunks right now – you’re a lucky guy!
    You know, your pics really surprised me because here in the midwest it is almost sacrilege to wear white before easter :) But the people in your pics look amazing in their white jeans – I’m afraid around here i would just get stared at (maybe that wouldn’t be so back)!
    Have lots of fun in the sun!

  2. Gorgeous photosAS USUAL. My favourite style icon from the various photos of “chic people” FROM MARK SIKES’ POSTS has got to be the bearded gentleman on the right in the third photo down….EFFORTLESSLY AND UTTERLY STYLISH/ELEGANT!!

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