i think it’s clear i’m a big fan of veere grenney– it’s been thrilling getting to learn more about him! are you interested in all of his favorite things? i know i am and here they are!

i love veere’s beautiful and refined interiors, i also love his fabric collection. so much so i did a friday favorites post on the collection a few months ago. i just used berrydown and soundess in blue in a recent project, and i’m about to use townline road and temple also in blue in a new project. i love how subdued the fabrics are, elegant and timeless are words that come to mind!

i also love that his fabrics all come in pink. if you follow my tumblr page lately you have noticed that pale pink has been a source of inspiration. pink is showing up everywhere right now, especially on the red carpet and on the runway, but way before that it was the foundation for many of veere’s elegant interiors. his former london apartment and his country home, the temple, both have a presence of pink- you won’t be surprised when you find out what one of veere’s favorite colors is!

call it all coincidence? i don’t think so! getting to know more about veere was meant to be and now it’s solidified- everything is prettier in pink! enjoy!

Dear veere- thank you for your beautiful interiors, elegant fabrics and most important, thank you for participating in MDS Interviews- endless thank you’s!

Photograph of Veere in blue shirt by David Oliver.

MDS- Currently, what is your favorite Color?

VG- Berber Brown and Temple Pink by David Oliver, Paint & Paper Library in London.

Pink upholstered walls

Berber Brown and Temple Pink, Billy Baldwin


MDS- Currently, what is your favorite book?

VGI couldn’t possibly choose one, but I am currently reading Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont by Elizabeth Taylor, Bertie: A life of Edward VII by Jane Ridley and Rumi poetry.

Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont by Elizabeth Taylor

Bertie: A life of Edward VII by Jane Ridley

Rumi poetry


MDS- what is your favorite Restaurant?

VG- The Wolsey in London for breakfast, L’Entrecote in Paris for lunch, El Morocco in Tangier for dinner, or Gero’s in Rio.

The Wolsey, London

L’Entrecote, Paris

Gero’s, Rio


MDS- Currently, what is your favorite Accessory ?

VG- Polo Ralph Lauren cologne

Polo by Ralph Lauren


MDS- Currently, what is your favorite gift to give or to receive?

VG- Books, books and books

A sampling of Veere’s books. Photograph by David Oliver.


MDS- Currently, what is your favorite Flower?

VG- Dahlias and Paper whites (Narcissus) and any bouquet from my friend, the florist John Carter, which always look as if they have been picked from the garden.

Dahlias from Veere’s cutting garden at The Temple

Paper Whites at home in the country. Photograph by David Oliver.


MDS- Currently, who is your favorite Artist?

VG- I adore and am fortunate enough to own some works of Roger Hilton, Ramiro Fernández Saus, Sarah Guppy and Craigie Aitchison.

Works by Roger Hilton

A work by Ramiro Fernández Saus

Yellow Vase by Sarah Guppy

Bedlington Terrier by Craigie Aitchison


MDS- Currently, what is your favorite Indulgence?

VG- The Temple, my house in the English countryside

The Temple

Another view of The Temple 


MDS- Currently, what is your favorite Store?

VG- In no particular order, I always find extraordinary antique pieces from the following dealers; in New York, HM Luther and Gerald Bland uptown and Bernd Goeckler downtown. Gordon Watson, Gallery 88 and Rose Uniacke in Pimlico Road, London. Richard James on Saville Row for everything I wear.

Gerald Bland Gallery

Goeckler, New York

Gordon Watson

88 Gallery

Rose Uniacke


MDS- Currently, what is your favorite Vacation Spot?

VG- I am renovating a house in Tangier and this will be the divine view from my bedroom window. Spain is in the distance. Tangier is my favourite vacation spot at present – one day it may be home for six months of the year.

Tangier view. Photograph by David Oliver.

Morocco. Photograph by David Oliver.


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    1. I have loved your two posts on veere grenney. his work and aesthetic are wonderful. …and i completely agree with you about pink. what a wonderful all-season color that translates as well into furnishings as into fashion. pink always lifts the spirits!

  1. Mark,
    I have adored your recent posts on Veere Grenney. His work has such a gorgeous elegance about it, while at the same time being so peaceful and calm ….A well-edited style full of lovely soft colors that stand out so much more because his rooms are not full of “stuff”. Simply beautiful, yet so hard to achieve. Why do so many decorators and designers think more is always best? Mr Grenney’s work is like a breath of fresh air. CAnnot wait to eventually see photos of his new home in tangier. as an aside, My husband and I had a magical visit there a few years ago, staying at a home in the Kasbah owned by a extraordinary ex-pat who prefers to remain anonymous to the public…wish I could say more. If you do not own the book “Spirits of Tangier” by Tessa Codrington (mother of model Jacquetta wheeler) then literally run to your nearest bookstore…fabulous. That is the group we met during our magical visit to tangier. i will remember the entire visit with awe until the day i die! Mark, your blog is fabulous….it makes my morning each and every time it pops through. and, as i have said many times to many people, your home is one of the absolute loveliest i have ever seen in print. i die each and every time i thumb through that issue of house beautiful. gorgeous!!!!!!
    keep up the great work,
    Beth / new orleans

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