believe it or not picking my top 25 favorite rooms was easy! picking the 75 leading up to these wasn’t so easy!

i have loved each of these rooms since the moment i first saw them, every single detail! for years and years i have gone back to each of them, without question they inspire ideas and thoughts for me each and every day, and they just keep getting better and better!

i’m drawn to the range of these rooms as a group, a great mix of modern to traditional, casual to elegant, spare to eclectic, however, there are noticeable common threads- can you find them? they are filled with the things i love and the things i talk about a lot!

i’m not going to spoil the surprise of my favorite room, i’m certain for many of you it won’t be much of a surprise. since i had to pick one, this without question was the one! tell me, how could it not be?!! honestly, it’s quite perfect, or at least it is for me!

thank you for sharing in my favorite rooms- we have come to the finale, at least we have for now! i hope you enjoy!

25- Tom Scheerer

24- Ralph Lauren- Elle Decor

23- Darryl Carter- Elle Decor

22- James and Whitney Fairchild- House & Garden

21- Givenchy

20- Calvin Klein

19- Tory Burch and Daniel Romualdez- Vogue

18- Haynes- Roberts- House & Garden

17- Bunny Williams- Town & Country

16- Victoria Hagan

15- Genevieve Faure- Architectural Digest

14- Michael S. Smith- Elle Decor

13- Bruce Budd- The World of Interiors

12- Ralph Lauren- Vogue

11- Michael S. Smith- Elle Decor

10- Miles Redd- Elle Decor

9- Bill Blass

8- Darryl Carter- Elle Decor

7- Oscar de la Renta- Vogue

6- Sils and Huniford

5- Michael S. Smith- Elle Decor

4- Bill Blass

3- Oscar de la Renta- Vogue

2- Alexandra and Michael Misczynski- Town & Country

My Favorite Room- Bunny Williams- Town & Country


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  1. Very recently discoverd your blog through pininterst.
    Am so enjoying your Varied posts eSpecially the favorite rooms series. It is a most deliCious treat seeing these gorgeous spaces!

  2. Mark,
    A Beautiful List, I have be in some, some have come a long way, Some the couples are no longer together,
    Some the rooms are Gone. Thank you !!! it is so nice how you place the rooms together. the forever Dream lists. Thanks again, AL

  3. So beautiful, so fun! but I agree with jim’s comment above – your own house, mark, is on my personal “most favorite” list!

  4. Oscar is my all time favorite for gracious living, but Mark you really should include your own Living room one of the very best ever!!!

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