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Desmond Guinness and his children- Slim aarons photograph

Leixlip Castle- The Library- Horst photograph

Mrs. Guinness- Horst photograph

Horst collage

Hallway at Leixlip Castle- Horst photograph

Desmond Guinness in the library- Horst photograph

Desmond Guinness by Slim Aarons in my bedroom- Lonny Magazine

“THOSE BLUE EYES” - 3 Comments

  1. Always a treat looking at beautiful photos of beautiful people. Speaking of which I find we have mutual friends, Allison and Richard r. Darlings both! We both Love your blog …so inspirational.


  2. Yes, I agree, The GuinNess Men have the most devastating blue eyes!

    Wonderful photos of Leixlip Castle.

    Jenny M
    London, UK


  3. ABsolutely love Desmond Guinness!!
    He is amans who has always been ahead of his time, look at the Ikat jacket, that man has style and still has those amazing blue eyes! Leixlip is a favorite and the wonderful color choise he painted in rooms where so modern! Love it!


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