this is the kind of interview that i wished had a part 3 and even a part 4- i’ve loved getting to know about the great nick olsen, and it seems from all the notes, comments, e-mails, and tweets you all have enjoyed it too! i guess i’m not the only one who thinks nick is great!

you might not know this but nick worked with the amazing miles redd as his assistant for 5 years before starting out on his own. and in turn miles worked for the legendary bunny williams. read more about mentoring, protégé’s, and the astounding interior design family tree including another american legend albert hadley–  here.

ironically all 3 of these designers have participated in the MDS interviews series. i interviewed bunny first in the fall, miles over the holidays, and now nick in the spring-  none of this was planned! so i guess in some ways this is like a part 3 interview of sorts!

besides working on several residential projects, nick is currently decorating a suite for the ronald mcdonald house in queens- many designers are pitching in to make it a show house of sorts but to benefit families of ill or injured children.

also, nick just designed a room for the lee jofa showroom in the nyc d&d building to showcase their new fabric collections, this will stay up until may- and it’s pink! you all know i’m loving pink right now!

mark my word we are going to see a lot more from nick olsen and i’m certain you will be seeing much more of him here! after all, you know its all about being chic, glamorous, and stylish, and i this particular case- great!

Thank you nick for taking part in the MDS Interview Series- you are a true delight and an amazing talent! Enjoy!

MDS- what is your favorite Color?

NO- Green! All shades.

A chevron chest by Nick Olsen



MDS- what is your favorite Book?

NO- The Fran Lebowitz Reader

The Fran Lebowitz Reader


MDS- what is your favorite Restaurant?

NO- Sevilla in the West Village always feels like home.



MDS- what is your favorite Accessory?

NO- A plaid scarf given to me by my office manager.

J.Crew Festive Plaid Wool Scarf


MDS- what is your favorite Gift to give or to receive?

NO- A nice bottle of champagne works both ways.

Linda Evangelista


MDS- what is your favorite Flower?

NO- Pink peonies.


MDS- who is your favorite Artist?

NO- There are so many but right now it’s Vuillard and Frank Stella. And, Donald Judd’s furniture.

Painting by Edouard Vuillard

Edouard Vuillard, The Salon of Madame Aron

Frank Stella, Tahkt-I-Sulayman Variation II

An additional work by Frank Stella


MDS- what is your favorite Indulgence?

NO- Buying more chairs than one human could ever need.



MDS- what is your favorite Store?

NO- Hard to pick just one but I could live very easily in Gerald Bland’s shop.

Gerald Bland’s shop.

Another view of Gerald Bland’s shop.


MDS- what is your favorite Vacation spot?

NO- Tulum, Mexico.

Tulum, Mexico



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