i have a very long list of favorite women. one thing they all have in common is effortless style! taylor tomasi hill, i like to refer to her as tth, is top of the list- why? clearly she has style, her own style, and it looks effortless!

taylor, formerly at marie claire and now the artistic director at moda operandi, has something very special. she has this all- american quality and is quite beautiful- i love her hair, the color and the length, i love her radiant skin, and i love how she wears clothes!

she definitely makes a statement with her choices, however, it doesn’t feel or look like it’s contrived or for spectacle. you know what i’m talking about? there are those who will wear anything to get noticed, especially to get photographed. taylor get’s noticed because of what she wears and how she wears it- it’s edgy, but not too edgy, somehow she makes it all look wearable, and most important i think she always looks pretty!

taylor definitely has her own look, has her own rules, plays her own game! she defines classic with a twist, she keeps it pretty, and makes it all look and feel so effortless. i like to call her tth, an all-american beauty with style!


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