LET’S GO BACK- The Beverly Hills Hotel- Part 2

last weekend sunday book club was put on hold because of a very special vacation to the beverly hills hotel. well both sunday book club and beverly hill hotel are back- back with the book the beverly hills hotel and Bungalows, the first 100 years!

the beverly hills hotel is celebrating it’s 100 year anniversary. to celebrate the hotel is going under a very expansive renovation and of course there had to be a book to commemorate this very special occasion. first thing i did last weekend after i checked into our bungalow was head to the book store and buy the book by robert s. anderson. i can’t think of a better sunday book club edition and i’m so happy for a return visit!

not many people realize this but the beverly hills hotel is the reason for beverly hills itself. without the hotel the tiny city would not exist. the hotel was conceived in 1911 by a group of investors who intended to use the hotel to lure wealthy visitors to beverly hills. well, i guess it did the trick!

the investors asked margaret anderson, the successful owner of the hollywood hotel, to create a place that would be hard for anyone to resist. she and her son, stanley anderson, did just that! they built and opened hotel in may of 2012. the hotel offered the best of everything and that’s how it all began.

last weekend as i hung out in our bungalow, ate dinner in the polo lounge and had breakfast in the fountain coffee room, i couldn’t help but think about all the stories and the people this amazing place had entertained- katharine hepburn, cary grant, marilyn monroe, clark gable to name a few. seriously, if those walls could talk?! now that’s a whole other book!

for now, let’s go back, back 100 years! i have a feeling there is going to be much more to come! enjoy!

Faye Dunaway- The Morning after she won an Oscar- 1977

The Beverly Hills Hotel Today

The famed Beverly Hills Hotel swimming pool

The Polo Lounge Patio

A walk to the Bungalows on the Hotel grounds

A Bungalow- 1990

Warren Beatty and George Burns

Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston- 1977

Paul and Linda McCartney- 1974

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton on their wedding day- 1964

Barbra Streisand- 1963

Gregory Peck & Lauren Bacall- 1957

Marilyn Monroe

Kirk Douglas and Alex Olmedo

Katharine Hepburn

Tennis Player Harvey Snodgrass, Actor Johnny Weissmuller & Child Star Jackie Cooper

Clark Gable

Will Rogers at the Hotel Bungalow’s

The renovated Sand and Pool Club

The completed pool- 1938

An Easter egg hunt on the Hotel’s front lawn

The Beverly Hills Hotel


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