while every one in LA is heading or in Palm Springs this weekend and last for the 2013 Coachella musical festival, i’m thinking it would be nice to be in palm beach, one of the only places i like in florida- my kinda place, old school, but cool!

i was supposed to be in palm springs this weekend. i was kinda looking forward to all the people watching, however, plans changed so i’m going to enjoy hanging out in my back yard. the plan is to grab a glass of tea and some sunscreen and head to palm beach today via pamela fiori’s new book in the spirit of palm beach. this book is a new addition the the long list of assouline’s book series on the spirit of a select glamorous destinations.

when i’m in palm springs i love staying at the breakers, shopping on worth ave. and on dixie highway for antiques (especially lars bolander) , and early dinners at the palm beach grill. and talk about people watching, coachella has nothing on palm beach! i love all the color and print, the lily pulitzer (RIP), jack rogers sandals, big straw hats, hermés bags, massive shades, and harry winston jewels- how could you not?

one of my dear friends just got a place in palm beach, and i’m kicking myself that i didn’t visit yet. and to top it off i think this is last official weekend of the season. i guess i’ll have to wait until next season to visit one of my favorite places.

until then i’ll catch the spirit of palm beach, no need for palm springs, this weekend from my backyard in la and with assouline’s new book- a new sunday book club favorite! enjoy!

Palm Springs- 1968

Wendy Vanderbilt & Lilly Pulitzer- 1964

Outdoor Seating at Villa Venezia

2005 Cover of Town & Country Travel

Mr. & Mrs. Guillermo Aguilera- 1970

Tennis Courts at Palm Beach’s Everglade’s Club- 1968

Tennis Courts at Palm Beach’s Everglade’s Club- 1968

Damon and Liz Mezzacappa’s Palm Beach Retreat

Estee Lauder

Jorie Butler Kent with Joss Kent- 1982

Casa della Porta- 1960’s

Kimberly Farkas- 1982

Bath & Tennis Club- 1995

C.Z. Guest & Peter Lawford- 1961

Catch the Spirit- Palm Beach

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  1. Absolutely! Im an orchid grower for private collections on palm beach and I consider Jori Kent and Damon Mezzacappa some of the loveliest and most chic people I ever met. I love the old school elegance and grace. Viva Palm Beach!

    brenda kassel on   /   Reply
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