PALLADIAN VILLA- Michael S. Smith- Part 3

I’m not going to go on and on about how much i love this perfect malibu home michael s. smith designed, after all i have done two posts on it- a master creating a masterpiece! need i add this particular home was featured on the cover of elle decors 2oth anniversary issue a few years ago.

what i will go on and on about is the auction christie’s is having this week, palladium villa by michael s. smith, to sell off items from this spectacular project and home (see video about sale here). this home is truly one of my favorite residences ever, and i can’t believe we all get a chance to have a piece of it- a piece of a masterpiece! i have my list- i can’t wait to bid!

if that’s not enough, or if you don’t get a chance to take part in the auction, you can get more of this amazing home in a few weeks when michael’s new book building beauty- the alchemy of design arrives. the book is all about the conception and creation of this masterpiece.

something else you can count on is this won’t be the last you will hear about all of this, especially here! much more to come!

photographs by francois halard and simon upton.

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