every time i get my new vogue i can’t wait to find out what interiors will be featured. this month’s issue is a good one all around, even better there are two homes featured. one being the home of the co-founders of the LA design firm Commune, and one being the home of one of my favorite women- Florence welch!

i love florence welch for many reasons- she has so much style, unconventional beauty, such talent, and that voice! oh my that voice! i was so happy when i saw her new Georgian style house in south london because it fit right into what i would have imagined- colorful, collected, whimsical, eclectic and so cool!

it’s not exactly what i’d want to live in, but it’s so her- it’s so cool! personally i love the robin’s egg blue walls, all the textiles, the gold striped sofa, and that kitchen! oh my that kitchen!

not very often do i insert a spontaneous post into my blog schedule, but soon as i saw these images again posted this morning on vogue.com i knew i had to- how could i resist flo at home?! enjoy

All photographs for vogue by angelo pennetta.

Flo at Home

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  1. Wow. I have the biggest crush on Florence and now i’m over the moon that i’ve seen her charming home. Thank you for sharing.

    P.S. if you’ve never seen her perform live, you simply must.

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