Céline Queen- Phoebe Philo

if you have been following the blog this week you now i’m in paris and if you know anything about me you know i’m a complete freak about céline! the only thing i love more is phoebe philo– the céline queen!

i’m not going to go on and on about phoebe philo or céline because i’ve done it all before. by now you have to know why i love them both? however, what i will tell you is this- the first night we were in paris we were at l’avenue on avenue montaigne for dinner, we were sat at the perfect table. to my left was a view of the eiffel tower and to my right was a view of the céline store, then walked in robert redford and it was all over! does it get better than this? one night, one place- all three!

while in paris i just had to do a post on one of my favorite women, paris born phoebe philo, the designer of céline- she’s everything! all hail the queen of céline!

Phoebe Philo- The Queen of Céline!

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