i’ve been waiting to do this friday favorite post for quite some time.  it seems that now is the right time- springtime in paris!

we hear so much about the hermès birkin bag- what about the birkin basket? jane birkin, in my book one of the chicest women ever, always had her basket bag! i love these images of her running around paris in flared denim, henley’s, trenches, strappy sandals, and her basket- so chic! she also carried it around in the snow and in a fur- even more chic!

to be honest  i can’t recommend where to buy them, however, i can tell you this is chic! put away the birkin’s, the céline totes, the chanel flap bags, pull out a french basket- springtime chic!

it’s springtime, time to change your bag-  i’m recommending a birkin basket! french chic!

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  1. Love your post and pics!
    Can you please sell me a basket asap?
    May I call you?
    Sincerely, Judith A. McCoy

    Judith McCoy on   /   Reply
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