RIGHT AWAY- Miles Redd

it’s really unbelievable how the weather can change so quickly. one moment it’s chilly and rainy, i’m talking about trenches and the next it’s hot, ninety here yesterday, and i’m ready to go to the beach!

the first place i thought of as the ideal beach get away was my friend miles redd’s fire island retreat. a retreat it is- i love the simplicity of all the white. the mix of textures, wood, cotton, wicker, lacquer, plaster, in and of itself signals tranquility, relaxation and calm.

all these images are from miles new book the big book of chic– if you don’t have it yet, it’s an absolute must! i love the contrast of this space to miles’ other work, it feels like the ultimate get away from everything. also, i will have to find out if the last picture is that of miles? i’m thinking so!

are you ready? i am- beach time! a get away, right away!


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