so i’ve struggled a bit on what to call this post on one of my favorite men and style icons- james dean. so much so, i can’t believe it’s taken me so long to do a post on him, especially since he is so high on my it list.

i did a post on actress Katharine hepburn last year entitled ‘rebel chic’, that seemed like a perfect name for this post too, and then there is his legendary style that warrants accolades. there’s so much about james dean i’m intrigued with so finding a label has been a journey.

of course we all know all-american actor james deans story- a young tortured actor who made three legendary films, then died tragically in a car accident at the age of 24. i don’t want to get into all that because it really is so sad.

however, i do want to talk about what i love most about james dean- his style! stripes, white shirts, shaker knit sweaters, chinos, peacoats, sweatshirts, trenches, tortoise glasses- all the things i love! and what’s so intriguing and reassuring is that all these iconic images of him in all these favorite things still looks timeless today. his amazing, hair, small frame, and pretty face doesn’t hurt either.

i guess it’s simpler than i’m making it. james dean, the ultimate rebel, makes it easy- he defines timeless all-american style! enjoy!

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