there really isn’t much i love more than instagram. it’s become my therapy, inspiration, connector and friend! i tell everybody about it, currently, i am harassing my dear friend lisa fine to join! if you haven’t joined- you must!

i thought it would be fun to share a few of my instagrams from the last few weeks. during that time instagram has been my companion to paris, to starbucks every morning, to a dinner party at peter dunham’s, another one with michael s. smith, carolina irving, miguel flores-vianna and penny morrison at the soho house, to numerous showrooms during lcdqla last week, to barney’s, to the magazine stand, it helps me pick out outfits, it joins me for dinner about every night and plays with me in my garden about everyday!

move over scavullo and avedon, become the brilliant photographer you always dreamed of. i’m telling you it can make any image you take look print worthy and more important, it’s fun!

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  1. i love Your Blog…it’s very inspiring….thank you! Come on over and help me pick a living room color..HAve a great day!!!!.

    Tim on   /   Reply
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