i love gingham- always have! i love gingham shirts, gingham drapes, gingham miu miu slingbacks, gingham pillows, gingham pocket squares, gingham slipcovers, gingham blazers (just got a new one from jcrew)- i love pretty much gingham anything!

looks like everyone else is loving gingham too! prada’s fall 2013 collection and the pre-fall advertising (the tan leather tote is a must!) is all about gingham and so is an editorial in the june issue of vogue. it-girl dree hemingway, photographed by bruce weber, looks pretty and happy in gingham shirts, skirts, swim suits, shorts, jacket- pretty much in gingham everything!

it’s spring, time for gingham anything and everything! all i can say is- go gingham! enjoy!

photographs by bruce weber for vogue, steven meisel for prada, the sartorialist, and tommy ton.

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