ALL IS GOOD- Francoise Hardy

i have to admit i had no idea who francoise hardy was until recently. of course i had seen pictures that i admired, but i had no idea they were mostly from the 60’s- i guess that’s what we call timeless style, and francois defines it!

i had no idea she was a french singer and actress. also, i just learned she was a muse of nicolas ghesquiere while at balenciaga– i can actually see this! her fresh face and clean look transcends time, decades, and countries.

of course i love her in all my favorite things- stripes, shirt dresses, white tees, trench coats, navy crew necks, white jeans, and ballet flats. she’s quite a beauty and i love her hair!

i love finding someone new, new inspiration, a new muse! maybe i’m the only one who didn’t know all about francoise hardy (see her today)? or maybe i’m the only one who doesn’t have a problem saying it ?!

all is good with francoise-thank goodness i found her! a timeless french beauty who looks perfect in all my favorite things!

all photographs from pinterest.

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  1. I love your blog and this is a nice article but her name is ” Françoise” ( It was my mother’s name. François is for a man.. )
    Please kindly check on the internet or feel free to contact me upon using French.
    Sadly, American and british authors always abuse my beautiful language from the WSJ, vanity fair to the Financial times of london and al.. they always misspell
    it. It saddens me..
    Warm regards from montreal,
    Dr diane vachon

  2. As usual I love your blog.
    as an older French man. It is nice to See all those great photos.but her name is Francoise Hardy.
    Hope you listened to some of her great songs.
    Try “les RondS dans l’eau”
    Thank you!

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