i’m almost certain every blogger is going to be blogging about deeda blair today. t magazine highlighted her brilliantly in their june issue. she is an amazing woman, there is nothing i could say to give this andrew solomon story justice, please read it here.

however, what i can do is comment on the interiors of her manhattan apartment and just be silly about how chic deeda is, i have always worshiped her, especially her hair, now i’m actually spell bound! need i add she is perfectly styled in chanel suits and ralph rucci gowns by vanessa traina. yes, my modern swan, vanessa traina!

deeda used to live in washington d.c., her billy baldwin designed home was in house beautful years ago- guess what? i have it! it was so much fun comparing her new manhattan apartment, designed by daniel romualdez, featured in t magazine with the house beautiful from years ago.

what i noticed and you will too is many of the same things have moved with her- a magnificent kenzo okada painting, a karl springer side table, a hand-painted floral skirted table cloth, 18th century side chairs and arm chairs, framed chinese wallpaper panels, and her tole flower collection made by Mary Munnecke of chicago.

i have been so seriously captivated by not only deeda’s homes but by her beauty, grace, style, courage, mind and heart! enjoy t magazines beautiful story and pictorial of the one and only deeda- it’s her time!


House Beautiful- September 2001- Washington D.C.- Billy Baldwin decorating

Eric Boman Photography


T Magazine- June 2013- Manhattan- Daniel Romualdez decorating

Julia Hetta photography


Deeda’s Time

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  1. Great post! There is also interesting commentary about her and pictures of her Washington home in the book “Billy Baldwin Decorates.”

  2. I’m sorry, i loved those billy baldwin interiors, but now it looks like a mortuary. no warmth or joy left, very grey gardens.

  3. As a self proclaimed nerd and fashionista combined, I was thrilled to learn more about Deeda Blair. Those two sensibilities can co-exist! She is an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  4. i absolutely adore this – yes of course it’s beautiful but I love that it has a whole new ambiance and language and it is so iconic and the graphics of her interior are now “so her”!

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