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House Beautiful- September 2001- Washington D.C.- Billy Baldwin decorating

Eric Boman Photography


T Magazine- June 2013- Manhattan- Daniel Romualdez decorating

Julia Hetta photography


Deeda’s Time

“DEEDA’S TIME” - 4 Comments

  1. i absolutely adore this – yes of course it’s beautiful but I love that it has a whole new ambiance and language and it is so iconic and the graphics of her interior are now “so her”!


  2. As a self proclaimed nerd and fashionista combined, I was thrilled to learn more about Deeda Blair. Those two sensibilities can co-exist! She is an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I’m sorry, i loved those billy baldwin interiors, but now it looks like a mortuary. no warmth or joy left, very grey gardens.


  4. Great post! There is also interesting commentary about her and pictures of her Washington home in the book “Billy Baldwin Decorates.”


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