it’s summer time, therefore it’s sandal time! if you are like me you probably do or should already have some birkenstocks, k.jacques and Jutta neumann’s- but do you have a pair of ancient greeks? the name alone makes it a must have!

i especially love the whimsical ones with wings for both men and women, probably won’t get them, but they are fun, might i add chic too! not only will these be great for summer but they will look good with all the 2014 resort looks i posted yesterday!

if you can’t make it to greece you can at least get some greek sandals- even better ancient greek sandals! a friday favorite!

here are a few of my favorite- you can buy ancient greeks sandals here, or for men here and women here.



The Thalos

The Adonis

The Hero

The Homer

The Hermes- For some reason i really love this one!



The Pythia

The Semele

The Clio

The Lito

The Korinna

The Nephele

The Iphigenia- Girls, you have to have these!

Ancient Greek Sandals for Marios Schwab- just for fun!

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