There is not much about pablo picasso i could say that hasn’t been said before. no doubt he was an amazing artist, legendary, probably one of the best ever. what i can talk about is his style which he had a lot of.

picasso was not what i would call a good looking man but he had great style. i love his casual elegance- the polo sweaters, the sweatshirts, the wrinkled woven shirts, and of course i loved that he loved stripes. and you have to hand it to a man who every once and a while would put a flower behind his ear!

picasso took casual to whole other level. he was known to paint, entertain, and cook in his boxers. he was also a man who loved being in his pajamas- something about all this seems very cool!

picasso is my kind of guy- you already know how much i love stripes and since my office is right behind my house don’t be surprised if you find me every once in a while working in my pajamas. and who knows, if i really get inspired i might start painting in my boxers!


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  1. Great to have these fine pictures available — I’m an art historian and used a couple of them recently in a presentation at the university art museum. It is remarkably difficult to find good-quality images of Picasso on the web. Thank you!

    Daniel on   /   Reply
  2. ThesE portraits make me wonder who was on the other side of the camera. Always the striped shirt or no shirt and his penetrating gaze. Non his equal.
    Thank you.

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