just recently i was turned onto clare vivier by my friend allison nunn roeder. i don’t claim to know everything cool, but i do love a new discovery- if you don’t know about clare vivier and her amazing accessories you should discover them too!

clare started making bags because she realized there was a need- she couldn’t find a chic and functional laptop case. it has now turned into all of this! good for her!

what i love about the pieces is that you can add stripes and monograms- there are definitely french influences  in her accessoires, and they also feel very L.A. cool. what’s even cooler all her bags are made here exclusively in L.A. since 2008.

hey, i can’t help my self, i love a bag, i love all things tan, red, white and blue, i love anything monogrammed, and most important- i love l.a.!

you can shop on her website here or you can visit her flagship here in the silver lake district of L.A. shhh! i haven’t been yet- let’s go this weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the heaDs up. Luckily I am following her on Instagram. Every one of hEr bags look fabulous, so I’m off to silver lake. You and Allison talked me into it.

  2. I love the bags, as well and I searched the website for the saddle colored bag with canvas strap in second to last photo, with no luck. Help please! The name and where to find it, love the blog! Best to you.

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