i have never belonged to a country club, never even been to a polo match or a debutante ball, and unfortunately i’ve never been to a royal wedding, however, i am intrigued with high society!

instead i spent most of my childhood going to the pool, church 3 or more times a week, sitting at my grandfathers barber shop on the weekends, and reading all my mother’s magazines- one of my favorites has always been and still is town & country– it has taught me a lot! so of course, i love the book high society- the town & country picture album 1846-1996– perfect for sunday book club. it’s actually not even my book, a friend let me borrow it over a year ago.

i riffle  through the pictures and chapters endlessly. it has moguls, black tie affairs, hollywood society, grand dames, the sporting scene, the arts, and of course all the  beautiful well-bred ladies- marina rust, dina merrill, and mrs. winston f.c. guest (c.z. guest to all of us- i find it very funny they are always called by their husbands name).

i am absolutely fascinated by all of this, however, i’m in no hurry to apart of it all- seems quite exhausting keeping up with the Jones’s (keeping up with the Rockefeller’s in this case).

what has it taught me? that it’s all a bit silly, and if you have money make sure you look like it’s old money- i’m most certain i could tell you how it’s done- enjoy!

C.Z. Guest- 1959

Frick Byers-1992-Hamilton Farm in New Jersey

Tony and Robin Armour- 1990

Laurence & Mary Rockefeller-1992-Woodstock, Vermont

Dina Merrill-1962

Duke & Duchess of Windsor-Palm Beach

Mrs. W. Palmer Dixon-1954

Isabella Rossellini-1993

Estee Lauder-1974-Palm Beach

Gloria Guinness-1957-Paris

Mrs. Thomas Hitchcock-1986-Candian Lakeside House

Alfred G. Vanderbilt & Randolph Hearst-1934-Los Angeles

Amanda Burden

John Huston-1963-Puerto Vallarta

Mrs. Lewis T. Preston-1952

Marina Rust-1993

Ernest Hemmingway & Michael Lerner-1953

Mrs. Alfred G. Vanderbilt-1962

Brooke Astor-1993-Maine

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  1. A little c.z. Guest vignette. not even a story. And Mrs. Guest was the epitome of t.c. society. IN 1977 I was working in the tiny kitchen (food prep was all done in the big kitchen upstairs) of Mortimer’s in Manhattan. there was always a parade of society notables passing the kitchen door because the lady’s and gent’s rooms were right there. But not one of them had ever done what the exquisite Mrs. G did one evening as she was coming back from the rest room. She poked her lovely head in the door and said, ” Thanks guys, great dinner!” I melted and it wasn’t from the heat of the grill. Her democratic sensibilities call to mind another one of America’s great aristos and that is Jock Whitney. After the second world war he famously asked for he and his family to be taken off the social register. Mark, if you are ever inclined, a posting all about the great Jock Whitney and his lovely wife, Betsy cushing Whitney would be just the thing.

  2. I completely agree with you! T & C has always been my absolute favorite! When I interned there years ago – I always told myself that would be the best job I ever have :) xx

    Caitlin {daily cup of couture} on   /   Reply
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