INDIGO ME- Men’s Spring 2014

if it feels like there is always some type of fashion show season going on- well it’s true. a few weeks ago we wrapped resort 2014, now men’s spring 2014 has come and gone, and this very week fall 2013 couture is taking the stage. it’s a lot to stay on top of- good thing i love it!

ok- so let’s recap men’s spring 2014. it was all about indigo, imagine that, or at least it was for me.

first we have marni– loved the shorts, the navy and white color blocking (i’m a complete sucker for navy on the top, white on the bottom- chic!), and the last look, the white ponch0/anorck  is a must, or at least it will be for me.

next we have the hermès collection- perfect! i love all the pin-dot blues and all the shades of blue. beautiful silhouettes and textures- and the shoes! i have to have the slipper shoes!

lastly, we have the valentino show. this collection was as much about the models (the hair and grooming is perfect- i immediately got a new haircut this past weekend) as the clothes. earlier in the week i talked about my indigo sea, well here it is! i loved all the denim blazers and suits, and i just mentioned when i get a new tux, it must be navy blue, now, it must be valentino!

the fun thing about a blog is you can pull out your own editorial stories, it’s easy to find things you like and it’s fun to talk about them- for me, i’m always true to anything blue. for spring 2014, it’s all about indigo- indigo me please!

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Marni- Men’s Spring 2014


Hermès- Men’s Spring 2014


Valentino- Men’s Spring 2014

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  1. Hi Mark, I know I am get too old when I like so little in Fashion. But Marni, I really do not Like. Hemres always have GREAT JacketS & Coats that I like to wear, but the square Tunic needs to back. Valentino Indigo Linen colorblock stripe #4 Sportcoat , only.( add White Linen Pants )… THAT I wish I would have to wear to 4th of July Hamptons Party tomorrow night !!!! That Jacket is GREAT !!! ….AL Happy 4th of July …P.S. going to the Bellport barber Shop right now !

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