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Marni- Men’s Spring 2014


Hermès- Men’s Spring 2014


Valentino- Men’s Spring 2014

“INDIGO ME- Men’s Spring 2014” - 2 Comments

  1. Hi Mark, I know I am get too old when I like so little in Fashion. But Marni, I really do not Like. Hemres always have GREAT JacketS & Coats that I like to wear, but the square Tunic needs to back. Valentino Indigo Linen colorblock stripe #4 Sportcoat , only.( add White Linen Pants )… THAT I wish I would have to wear to 4th of July Hamptons Party tomorrow night !!!! That Jacket is GREAT !!! ….AL Happy 4th of July …P.S. going to the Bellport barber Shop right now !


  2. You know I love your blog!!!


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