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Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer & Eric Zinterhofer-2000

Cornelia Guest & Halston-New York-1986

Ricky von Opel, Marisa Berenson & Andy Warhol-New York-1975

Nan Kemper & Patricia Kennedy Lawford-1980

Lee Radziwill & Truman Capote-1966

Jackie Kennedy & David Niven- New York-1959

C.Z. Guest

Slim Keith & Howard Hawks, Just after their secret marriage-New York

Babe Paley at President Eisenhower’s Inagural Ball-1953

A Marble Pool at Vincent Astor’s Residence-New York-1941

Jacqueline & Lee Bouvier-Debutante Ball-1951

Harold Vanderbilt-On His Yacht-1925

Samuel Pryor Reed-1966


“CHIC SOCIETY” - 5 Comments

  1. Such a fun post. I too am fascinated by these socialites. Thank you for the lovely photos.


  2. how did they do it? There is nothing wrong with well placed admiration.


  3. I barely have a penny to my name but I know what it’s important! Was Harold Vanderbilt divine or what? That sweater he’s wearing is something very special but one has the feeling that whatever he wore he made special. I guess that’s what’s called style!


  4. Just wanted to add a few more words. Mark, the much appreciated point you made about admiring the style of T&C society but having no pretensions or desire to be apart of it, has got me thinking. I too have been devouring everything I could on these folks since I was a kid. also with no thoughts of gaining membership in these rarified ranks. I think the point is if you want to live with style, why not learn from the masters? we all know there are masses of rich people out there without a shred of taste mere wealth has never inspired anything in me. ah! but wealth in the hands of individuals who know how to use it, who have an idea of how to live graciously and with great style-now that gets my juices flowing. It’s something I love to see and will always love to see. and why not? it’s a rare and exceptional thing. and then there’s those of us who pursue style, who know when to spend the money on the great watch or the fabulous piece of furniture and when to find the great things at the thrifts. And do you know what? the result is not that we’re “like” the rich. The result is that we are rich. Rich with surroundings that are life enhancing for ourselves, our loved ones and our friends. Rich in cutting a swath through this often dreary world in some togs that have some style and allure. alright, that’s enough of my sermon for today.


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