there really isn’t much to say about valentino that i haven’t already said- he is the master! the master of couture, the master of a lifestyle, pretty much the master of everything chic, glamorous and stylish.

i probably blog about valentino and the valentino design house more than anything else. i hope you aren’t over it, if you are that is o.k., i’ll continue to talk about it anyway. i’m completely mesmerized, inspired and enthralled, i can’t help myself.

the following images are from the book valentino master of couture; a private view. the book is a companion to the exhibition at somerset house (here is the guide)- valentino: master of couture. and yes, you might remember i blogged about that too!

rather than the book being a catalogue of the exhibition, illustrating the many beautiful gowns on display, it takes a different cue from the exhibition to offer a glimpse into the world of valentino himself- a private view.

enjoy a few of my favorite images of valentino- up close and personal. if you want to get an even closer view, you must follow valentino’s partner, giancarlo giammetti, on instagram- the beauty and the life is staggering and very fun to view.

Valentino on Yacht Talifu- Capri-1972

Valentino at Home- Rome-1972

Valentino at work

Valentino and Giancarlo Giammetti- Rome- 1964

Valentino with Iman- Rome- 1982

Andy Warhol, Lauren Hutton, Mikhail Baryshnikov and Brooke Shields at Metropolitan Museum of Art- 1982

Valentino at Diana Vreeland’s Home- New York- 1981


Valentino with Model- Rome- 1974

Valentino in his Office with Pug Oliver- Rome- 1980′s

Valentino-New York- 1962

Valentino and Model

Valentino at Home- Rome- 1980

Valentino with Jackie Onassis- Capri-1970

Valentino with Giancarlo Giammetti & Lauren Bacall- Paris- 1978

Valentino with Sophia Loren- Rome- 1983

Valentino with Model- Rome- 1974

Valentino with Model Carla- Rome- 1959

Valentino- Venice- 1980

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