MORE IN HOLMBY HILLS- Michael S. Smith- Part 2

yesterday i said that i have probably blogged about valentino garavani more than anyone else. not so sure that is absolute fact. jackie kennedy has gotten plenty of coverage, so has céline (even though that isn’t a person), the lsd, steve mcqueen, i could, but i won’t go on and on. with more thought i think interior designer michael s. smith tops the list, and here’s a bit more!

i came across more pictures of michael’s amazing new home in holmby hills just recently. the house was featured last year in the wall street journal magazine, photographed by the great francois halard. of course i featured the house and i’m excited to share more!

here are a few more images, more details to take in and more beauty to absorb. no one does it quite like michael, i guess that’s why we all just keep wanting more!

speaking of more. michael’s partner james costos was just appointed by president obama to be the new ambassador of spain- that’s amazing! i don’t know about you, i can’t wait to see what michael does in spain! i’ll be waiting!

Michael S. Smith and James Costos, the new ambassador to spain- architectural digest photograph


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  1. Brovo James Costos! Now let’s all go visit him, wish, wish. Great seeing Holmby….lots of fun people live there. Thank you for this great escape.

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