last night i finally got to meet and spend time with interior designer sarah bartholomew from Nashville- she is kind, stunningly beautiful, elegant, smart and fun! Sarah Reached out to me right when i started the blog, introduced me to givenchy style, we have become friends and she is going to be a member of my upcoming style council- it’s funny how a blog can connect people, to say we have similar tastes and sensibilities is an absolute understatement!

you can only imagine the range of conversation over dinner, we touched on about everything chic, glamorous and stylish, as well as, getting to know everything about each other’s family, friends and life. i actually lived in nashville many years ago, it was very fun to reminisce. we ended the night in my design studio picking out paint colors for my kitchen and throwing around a lot of fabrics and trims- round two later today!

one thing that resonated was our mutual admiration for the design team of Alexandra and Michael Misczynski and their book Interiors Atelier AM. we pretty much ranked about everything over the course of the evening and everything about Atelier AM topped the list!

i have blogged so many times about this design team and their exquisite work, however, i have never featured their book for sunday book club. so funny, because it has to be my favorite interior design book. i think i have four! not only is the content rich and inspiring with photographs by francois halard, the book cover looks good on top of about any surface around the house- it’s like a piece of art! enjoy another look at the most beautiful book!

New York City


Las Vegas


Hollywood Hills


Santa Fe


Alexandra and Michael Misczynski- Atelier AM


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  1. You are Entirely too Kind, Mark! It was my treat to be able to finally meet you and Michael. We do Have The Same Taste! The Misczynski’s Work is IMPECCABLE as is yours. Wishing I were back in that Design Studio tonight. xoxo

  2. So glad you finally featured this book!!!! Guess its time for me to finally buy a copy. love, love, love it!!!!

    1. Mark,
      It really is a wonderful Book !!! ( super super good Taste ) This Best mix just done right !!!
      Can you send me one of your Four ? Thanks for the post………..AL

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