BEAUTIFUL BLUE AND GREEN-Charlotte Moss Decorates

as you can tell, especially after yesterday’s summer with tumblr post, right now i’m really into blue and green. of course i love blue rooms and green rooms, but what i love more is a room with both blue and green. what i really love is this room by charlotte moss– leave it to charlotte moss to make blue and green so beautiful!

besides all the blue and green, i quite love the bed being in the center of the room- in the center of it all! i also love the ottoman pulled up to the bed as a side table, the skirted dressing table, all the blue and white ceramics, the bed hangings, stacks of books everywhere, the framed chinoiserie panels, everyone room needs pens and pads of paper, and how wonderful are the hanging hurricanes?! so chic!

charlotte’s room was inspired by pauline de rothschild, i’m inspired by charlotte. i’m about to redo my master bedroom, this might be a little too fancy and a bit too feminine, however, i do like the idea of a bed in the center of it all!

the only thing prettier than blue with green, is a beautiful blue and green room by charlotte moss.

all photographs from charlottes books charlotte moss decorates: the art of creating elegant and inspiring rooms.

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  1. Stunning! i adore these pictures. Just went to the new de gournay store in paris to look at the wallpaper. im dreaming!

  2. Wonderful posting. Charlotte Moss and Mark D. Sikes
    a perfect pairing.
    Will we get to see your newest installation? and your bedroom changes?

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