there is nothing like navy, i can’t think of anything better! i’ve loved it as long as i can remember- a navy blazer, a navy blue donald judd piece of art, a navy cashmere sweater, navy birkenstocks, a navy blue room by victoria hagan (your going to love all the navy rooms by victoria hagan in this post), a navy striped tee, and my new favorite item,  a navy clare vivier laptop case- monogrammed of course!

i love anything and everything navy, so you are going to keep hearing about it over and over- i can’t think of anything better than navy all over!

Victoria Hagan interior design images from Elle Decor and Architectural digest. Street fashion photographs by  Tommy Ton and The Sartorialist.

Ellsworth Kelly

Cy Twombly

Louise Bourgeois

Donald Judd

Cecil Touchon

Pierre Soulages



Get ready for navy all over!

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  1. Mark, again Great job of Home Fashion & new Clothes Fashion Mix !!! love all, the man looks ….going the try some! & thanks again.

  2. I love the white coffee table with Minimalist decoration. Punctuates the beauty of the coral even more.


  3. the young woman in the tent dress with the plunging neckline in the back is a vision, quite obviously a divinity just visiting earth.

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