i love a story like this….

nick olsen, a fabulous young designer who used to work with miles redd, has taken the interior design world by storm. about this time last year i did a post on a home he did that was featured in veranda– it was pretty grand! i included nick on my “2012 international it list”, and i also featured nick in my last MDS interview series. he just has that special something, a rare gift, a refined eye, a look that is all his own, a true standout in the design community today.

well, if it wasn’t cemented already, he has now landed the cover of the world of interiors– wow! it goes without saying what this means and is- absolutely wonderful and very well deserved!

the new august issue of world of interiors hasn’t made it to l.a. yet, however, nick was nice enough to send me some images. the renovated prewar apartment, owned my married psychiatrists, in on the upper west side. in his first meeting with his clients she handed him a benjamin moore paint deck and told him the painters were coming tomorrow- then the teal dining room happened! then came the cover of the world of interiors!

nick describes the apartment as feeling warm and happy and smart. he said the same thing about his clients, and i could say the same thing about nick. i love a story like this- everything is warm, happy, smart and bit better in teal!

The World of Interiors- August 2013


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