BEACH BONNET- Brigitte Bardot

i decided yesterday i needed to get away. on the spur of the moment (actually i planned the escape over the weekend) i packed the car and headed up to santa barbara by myself- beach, sun, rest and relaxation was the key! i’m starting to work on a dream project and i needed space to clear my head, feel creative and get started!

well, when i was sitting around the pool yesterday i realized i left so fast i not only forgot my sunscreen, but i also forgot my favorite straw hat. an umbrella came in handy and all was good!

when i think of summer, the beach and straw hats, of course i think of brigette bardot. always glamorous and chic running around the south of france in fabulous hats! couldn’t help but think of her yesterday, wish she was around so i could borrow a hat!


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  1. Oh! I posted a picture of her not that long ago, because she was wearing ballerinas the only way I like them, with pants (or jeans). she looks great, and she was (guess we know that) a special woman, but I don’t like to see what she has become… really don’t.
    But she left us wonderful pics, looks, so much glamour and style, chic, films and songs…
    thanks Brigitte.


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