i’m not much into louis vuitton, except i do love sofia coppola’s collection for LV and i do have a few duffle carry-ons. never really been into logos i guess, i tend to like simple, classic, logo-less accessories, but i have to say i really do like this new louis vuitton bag- they call is the w pm, i call it chic!

also, i love that michelle williams is doing the campaign, and reese witherspoon has been carrying her new w pm all over la this week. got to love LA, got to love this new LV.

p.s. sorry for such a late friday favorite post- it’s been one of those days.

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  1. Growing up I disliked the LV logo, as a little girl I found it ugly, but was always drawn to the elegant ladies carrying it. As an adult I’ve become an avid lv collector, i switch out my bags daily, and no matter what i’m wearing i always feel a little more elegant with a beautiful lv bag on my arm. This new one looks lovely and quite practical.

    I thoroughly enjoy your blog mark, i love your eye, thanks for posting so faithfully.

  2. I’ve always disliked LV for the same reasons but their never full MaY be the most functional bag ever made!

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