i have to be honest i didn’t even really know who jean seberg was until recently- an american actress that i would have actually thought was french, i think its because of the pixie and all the stripes.

always in denim shirts, capri pants, fisherman sweaters, denim, ballet flats, the chicest lbd’s, cardigans and my favorite- lots of stripes! of course i have seen all these pictures over the years, but i didn’t know if she came from the 50’s, 60’s or now.

now i know and what i also know is that i love style like this- it’s what i call timeless! that’s seberg style! enjoy!


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  1. A cross between mIa Farrow and Sienna miller! A real stylish beauty. I didn’t know who she was either, thanks for enlightening!

  2. A number of these pictures are from tHE 1960 French film by jean-luc godard “BREATHLESS” which starred jean seberg and jean paul belmondo. it was one of the earliest films of the “french new wave” or “nouvelle vague”. a great film.

  3. She is absolutely gorgeous and yes, she does look French/Swedish with that pixie cut, lovely mouth and those stripes………….my style too, classic, timeless!

    Love your Blog!

    Jenny Mein
    London, England

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